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Brigitte is a Pilates instructor working across multiple studios in Melbourne. A self proclaimed foodie, she has built a cult fitness following on Instagram (@brigxx). We sat down with Brig to discuss all things fitness, skin care and red wine! 

Contrology Active Pilates Brigxx


Watch the video interview here: 

Where did you grow up?

I am originally from Tasmania. I lived there until moving to Melbourne when I turned 19!
Contrology Active Pilates Brigxx

How did your Pilates journey begin?

I started my Pilates adventure just over 4 years ago now, I was enrolled in my courses to become a PT and a friend of mine was opening a reformer studio, she suggested I come in and give it a try, and that was it, I fell in love with Pilates and never looked back.
Contrology Active Pilates Brigxx

What is your star sign?

I’m a true Sagittarius

Instagram or Snapchat?


Summer or winter?

Contrology Active Pilates brigxx

Tea or Coffee?


Leggings or sports bra?


One thing you can't live without?


Favourite workout song?

So hard to Choose 1! At the moment I love N.E.R.D - Lemon Rihanna edit!
Contrology Active Pilates brigxx

Favourite hobby?

Hiking/Exploring the outdoors

Favourite healthy meal to cook?

Pan fried crispy skin salmon with greens & quinoa! 

What is your go-to cheat meal?

Hot chips...With a side of burger

What's your favourite thing about Melbourne?

The food!!
Contrology Active Pilates brigxx

What is the most Aussie thing about you?

Thongs. I'd wear them everywhere if I could. 

How do you usually start your day?

I wake up about 5:00, boil the kettle to make a tea/coffee & Get ready to teach Pilates!



What do you normally eat for breaky?

Eggs, Poached or scrambled (dairy free)
Fresh Avocado
Blanched Spinach


You work with @theskinboutique a lot, is skin care something you’re passionate about?

Over the years I’ve have had my fair share of skin issues! Sweating a lot from training, working in aircon & last but not least the hormonal changes all constantly impact my skin.
I have tried a lot of treatments but finally the girls at the skin boutique in Elwood have been able to help me keep my skin manageable & consistent!
I also find minimising dairy and having litte to no refined sugars are key to my skin staying clear & vibrant!



Which fitness influence do you currently stalk the most on instagram?

@pilatestv for inspo!

Contrology Active Pilates brigxx

What is your fav inspirational quote?


Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire!


What is your philosophy about Pilates?

Pilates is always evolving but maintains the same foundation principles. It’s a way to correct posture, increase mobility & strength. It creates deeper body awareness and increases physical fitness.

What is your must have fitness/Pilates product?

Other than the reformer or the mat… I love my foam roller & my spiky ball… I love to hate them!

Pilates pet peeve?

When I run into the reformer whilst I teach, my shins are forever bruised!
Contrology Active Pilates Brigxx


What’s a work out tip you have for pushing yourself on days you just aren’t feeling it?

Just do it, Go look in the mirror and tell yourself to get moving. I have to push myself regularly to get up and go get it done… I know how great I feel after. I’ve never regretted a workout only the workouts I’ve skipped.

Who would you most love to do a morning Pilates session with?

Joseph Pilates…. IMAGINE! How cool would that be!

What is the best thing about being a Pilates instructor?

I get to teach what I love to do, for that 1 hour I have that client interaction I get to help them feel empowered & fabulous! It’s the best job in the world.


Contrology Active Pilates brigxx
You can check out Brigitte on her Instagram @brigxx
Thanks to Republic Pilates Preston for the use of their beautiful studio!